If you're ready to give yourself the tools to be completely prepared for birth and new parenthood, here's how to get started.

You can start by looking through the class dates on the calendar page and find the one that fits your needs. Then you can e-mail or call to make sure the class has openings Credit Cards accepted imageand is running as scheduled. You can sign up at any time before the class starts and I will e-mail you a reminder right before class. If the class is about to begin (or you need to start a class already in progress - you can join at any time and finish with the following class). We will exchange all information through e-mail or phone. If you are choosing the options of weekend Bradley, the mini-course, refresher class or bedrest/private the same procedure can be followed, but we will customize the class for your needs. If you need lactation consulting services we will set up the date and time for the consult that fits into your baby's feeding times. The fees for my services are as follows: full and weekend Bradley is $175, Mini-Course classes are $40 each or $130 for all 4, Private/bedrest (unless already a full Bradley student) is $20 per hour with a 4 hour minimum, Lactation consults are $120 for an initial consult and $100 for a follow up (a home visit in cities other than Oxnard, Ventura & Camarillo add $20), and breast pumps and/or parts are less than most retail outlets. Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express,and Discover are accepted).  I am a preferred provider for Aetna insurance company - meaning I will bill insurance and there is no out of pocket fee for lactation consults (pumps are a bit tricky), for others I can provide forms for insurance reimbursement.  Aetna will also pay for prenatal lactation education so Mini-Course classes 3 & 4 and part of the Bradley series can also be covered, for others you will get a receipt with the CPT codes that can be used for reimbursement.


To register for classes e-mail the following information to help me personalize the class to suit your needs: Name of mom & coach(es), due date, any fears concerning pregnancy or birth, feeding plans, your & coach(es) feelings about attending classes, what you expect from your childbirth experience and if you have any restrictions (religious or otherwise) on what you can see or do in class.


If you are signing up for a mini, private, or refresher class add the following information: previous children ages & birth experience, what helped you the most during the previous delivery(ies), what do you want to be different, and what topics do you most want to go over.





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