My dedicated Childbirth Classroom & Lactation Center

I teach out of my home in Oxnard, CA and since I live in a neighborhood built in the early 1950's my garage is separate from the house. Front Door to my classroomMy classroom is in a room built off the garage. When you come into the backyard you just go to the door with the small welcome sign, right past the washer & dryer is another door on the left that leads into my dedicated classroom. This allows us to be away from the noise of family life while still allowing me to be available for the time schedules of babies and new families, very easy to schedule classes and consults. Plus we have the advantage of a bathroom and snacks for my childbirth classes - a great benefit for the one day class! We have many outside lights so the yard has plenty of light for evening classes lighting your way to the door. I try to have the side gate into the backyard open for class days, but usually our pet bunny, Samantha, is in the back yard so just open the gate and see if she wants to greet you on your way in. I have a space heater for cold days/evenings to keep the room comfortable and the classroom has two windows for a cross breeze on warm days. I have plenty of ways to keep you comfortable during class.


I have made this room a dedicated space for teaching and lactation consults, so my BabyWeigh scale to avaliable for weight checks, either during the lactation consult for a pre- and post-feed weighing or just for a quick weight check to make sure your baby is gaining. Plus all of my childbirth education and breastfeeding supplies are close at hand for whatever need or question that comes up. I have many seating options so expectant moms can find the best way to stay comfortable during class and breastfeeding moms can find the best seating to work on their breastfeeding skills. While most breastfeeding problems can be solved without pumps or other 'gadgets' I do have a large selection of items available for any need that arises, either for a nipple problem or for supplementing at the breast. I have the full line of Ameda and MedPicture inside my classroomela breast pumps (both single user and hospital grade rental pumps) plus spare parts and accessories. I also have a couple of Nurture III/Bailey pumps in stock and extra parts. The different combinations of chairs and pillows works well for my childbirth class series. They can be used to practice different laboring positions and for moms-to-be to find the most comfortable positions for class. Usually the pillows end up where ever a moms needs them to be. They also work well for helping moms latch their babies onto their breast - plus I have 4 different nursing pillows to try out as well.  Message me today to sign up for an in-depth childbirth class, shortened mini-course, weekend Bradley, private classes or for individualized breastfeeding help or help in choosing the right breast pump.


I have many books, DVD's and magazines available for parents to borrow, plus a few books available for sale. There is also a table of free items: samples, coupons and older copies of book in my library. So feel free to look around and take what items appeal to you.


I also have snacks and water available during class on the counter so students are able to help themselves during class. Students are also free to bring anything they wish to snack on during class (and for those running late - bringing dinner is also fine).

I also have all of my lactation equipment ready to go since many times it is easier for me to come to you.  I call it my mobile office and it has a special place in my classroom & it's ready for those moms & babies that come to me.

My Mobile Office