I have been helping breastfeeding families since 1993 and I can help you too! 

My two youngest children, Jacob and Joe

I became a La Leche League Leader in 1993 and quickly worked to expand my knowledge base. I have attended many conferences and educational seminars over the years before I began my quest to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC, RLC). I just recently recertified - all IBCLCs must recertified after 5 years - because I still love working with moms and babies and I am eager to keep up with all the new information. The many years of working with mothers and babies from birth to natural weaning has given me the knowledge base to help mothers in a large variety of situations with many breastfeeding problems. Working with an IBCLC, especially one with a La Leche League background, can help you meet your breastfeeding goals - even if you are a full-time working mom or an exclusively pumping mom!


In these hard economic times you may feel a visit with an IBCLC is a luxury. Let us quickly compare the costs - an initial visit with me and 3 follow-up appointments would cost $320 (the first follow-up is free). If you needed to rent a breast pump and added on 3 months pump rental from me the additional cost would be another $150, including the kit. This adds up to a total cost of $470.  Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act I am now a perferred provider for Aetna insurance company, so the lactation consults would be covered with no out of pocket fee as are any supplies and/or pump issued during a lactation consult.  If I'm not in your insurance I can provide forms for reimbursement. To make it easier you can downloud the referral form in the navigation box.  Breast pumps are still a bit tricky to figure out payment with insurance, if your DME is out of pumps you may be able to get reimbursement through your FSA or HSA or through a tax deduction and I have pump prescription forms (both from doctor & IBCLC) to make the process easier, contact me & I can send you one.  The cost for one year of formula can range from $1,276 to $4,118.* So a lactation consult is a money saver! Plus many problems can be helped without pumps and other items.


An initial consultation will usually be a long appointment to take a full history of mom and baby. The usual problems that can be helped by a visit with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant are sore nipples, latching issues and low milk supply and can be resolved in 1 to 3 visits. Any issues you are having with breastfeeding will be improved by working with an IBCLC. Since I also own a Medela BabyWeigh scale I can not only do standard weight checks but also do pre and post feed weights. This scale can accurately measure breast milk intake to 0.1 oz (2 g) on a baby up to 12 pounds and 0.2 oz (5 g) on a baby from 12 to 24 pounds. This allows us to track what the baby can take in to help us figure out how to solve certain breastfeeding problems or just do a quick weight check. Pre-birth consults and home visits in Oxnard, Ventura & Camarillo can also be arranged, home visits in other cities will have an extra fee added.


Another issue that can be greatly enhanced by a visit with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is how to combine returning to work with breastfeeding. A consult can help you figure out which breast pump will best suit your needs, how to correctly use your breast pump, make sure you have the correct size breastshields, how to safely store and transport your milk and the best way to feed your baby the expressed milk. A study by Jane Johnston Balken, A Workplace Lactation Program: Evaluation and Impact (unpublished doctoral dissertation) found that a "return-to-work consultation" with an IBCLC seemed to have the biggest impact on the length of time women continue to breastfeed. This is also useful information for the mothers who decide to pump and bottle fed breast milk to their infants (also called exclusive pumping). Any mom who plans on pumping on a regular basis will get a great benefit from working with an IBCLC.  Some insurance companies will cover prenatal lactation education so my breastfeeding classes can also be covered by insurance.


I carry the full line of Medela and Ameda breast pumps and speciality feeding devices, including both rental and single user breast pumps. This also allows me to have all the spare parts for these items so that no matter where you purchased your pump, I can help you keep it working. I also have a vacuum gauge so I can check the suction level to make sure your pump is working efficently.  You can check out my Square Marketplace to see all the breastfeeding items I have in stock - if you don't see something you need, just message me I probably have it.


For more information on these products you can go to the company's websites.





For the best source of breastfeeding information and a great selection of breastfeeding books go to La Leche League International's website. There is also information for local meetings and great breastfeeding information for a variety of situations.




Another great source of information and some of the articles I wrote for the La Leche League column of Dy-Dee Diaper Service's magazine the Wet Set Gazette is the Kelly mom site. This site also has many of Dr. Jack Newman's information sheets.




Both Dy-Dee and Dr. Jack Newman also have their own sites.





If you want more information about what an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is and what we do visit their site. You can also find an IBCLC in your area (for those who live outside of my area).




If you haven't had your baby and don't feel you want to take a full childbirth education class you have the option of my mini course (all four classes or just the breastfeeding class(es) - Class 3 & 4) and if you have Aetna insurance if should be covered, but I do give all my students a reciept that you can use for reimbursement. Kathleen Huggins, R.N. author of The Nursing Mother's companion is quoted as saying, "Line up experienced support before your baby arrives, whether it's a lactation consultant, a breastfeeding clinic or a hotline." So make contact with me today in case you need the help later, especially if you had breast surgery, infertility or other issues. We can also meet if your expected baby may have an issue you fear may impact your supply. Research shows that in women who took a pre-natal breastfeeding class only 48% had some nipple damage, 6% had nipple cracks, and 80% had a pain-free day in the first 2 weeks of nursing. In women with no pre-natal education 100% had some nipple damage, 69% had nipple cracks, and only 14% had a pain-free day in the first 2 weeks of nursing. E-mail or call today and sign up for the Breastfeeding and Baby Care Basics class before you deliver. If your baby is here and you are having problems or are planning to return to work you can schedule a Lactation Consult visit or just stop by if you need pump parts or any Medela or Ameda item. I work on 'baby time' so appointments on weekends and holidays are available. You can also received help by e-mail for a reduced fee.


Breast Pumps
Breast pumps Purely Yours
I started selling and working with moms using breast pumps shortly after I  became a leader in 1992. At that time La Leche League had what was called the Breastfeeding Aid Sales Program (BASP) where groups could  get Medela products at no cost, we paid for them when they were sold. It was a great fundraiser for the groups and I got a lot of experience with different products. After a few years the program was discontinued and we were given the opportunity to work  with Medela directly. When I started a small battery powered single pump (the Mini-Electric) was the only pump available for working mothers. I now carry the Medela pumps, extra parts, breast shields  in different sizes and many other items. I also have some of the discontinued items that I will sell for a reduced rate.

After  a few years I started hearing more about Ameda breast pumps and their product line. I contacted the local company representative, liked what I saw and became an Ameda retailer. They are a very good pump and have some difference that I really Breast Pumps by Pump N Styleenjoy. Their  product line has had fewer changes over the years because they work so well. While some moms don't like the differences, many find them to be a better pump for them. They usually sell for less then Medela and are my favorite. I also carry the full line of Ameda products and like Medela I sell the discontinued items for a reduced rate. They also have breast shells, nipple shields, larger breast shields and milk storage bags.

A while after I started with Ameda I also began carrying the Bailey Nurture III breast pumps. They are a great, low cost pump for working moms on a budget. The motor can be returned to the company to be reparied at a low cost so some WIC offices carried them Breast Pump by Nurture III Pumpas rental pumps (they are rated as mutli-user pump). While I no longer order from Bailey I still have many of their products available for anyone interested in this pump brand. The few that I  sold where to women who really loved them and were very happy with them. While they have less features then Ameda & Medela they are wonderful pumps. I also have many extra parts and their milk storage bags available.

Different PumpsI carry  many of the rental pumps from Ameda & Medela for rental for moms who have a baby in the hospital or really need to get their supply up. I have competitive rental rates and sales prices, but have a small inventory so call for availability. I also  give discounts to my childbirth education students.  While the ACA states women can get a breast pump with no out of pocket fee, this can only be done with a DME and some only offer a hand pump.  The receipt I will give you has the insurance codes and may be reimbursed through your FSA or HSA or through a tax deduction.  For Aetna clients I can bill insurance for any items I find are needed during a lactation consult.




* Price for lowest priced powder formula to the highest price liquid hypoallergic formula.