What former students have to say about my childbirth classes!

(Bad reviews are not posted, but I make the changes to my classes or webpage - but you can always let me know during class if something is bothering you or you need something different and I can change it then.  I hope you don't hesitate to ask - this is your childbirth class!)

"As a first time mom, Felicia has given me the confidence in my ability to give birth naturally using the techniques she has taught my husband and I."  LB (full Bradley class)


"We both really enjoyed the class.  Emotionally we feel much more in control and prepared.  We especially apprecited the viewing and handling of the various medical devices normally used, as well as the personal stories and experiences of real people.  Thank you Felicia!" C&LL (weekend Bradley)


"I almost didn't take a childbirth class, but I read about the Bradley Method and immediately looked it up and found your class.  I'm so glad I did it!  I'm not nervous and I feel very prepared (as much as you can be anyway) to have my baby.  I also think it's nice you include 2 visits to assist with breastfeeding.  It's obvious that you're not just teaching from a textbook - you genuinely care about babies and the birthing process"  R.S. (full Bradley class)


"Your class and all your information we learned was so helpful, we felt more secure and confident about our labor.  Started counting contractions at 9 pm, when we were at 4-1-1 at midnight went to CMH. . .Loved my experience.  Thank you." B&RH (weekend Bradley)


"Thank you so much for all of the info, materials, and more. If my next labor is even half as long, I am confident I will not need pain meds, but I'm so thankful I didn't have to have a C-section. I felt very prepared for everything that happened and feel I made educated, calm decisions, based on the knowledge I gained from you.!!! SO THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!" S&JK (full Bradley class)


"Thanks again for all your knowledge and info you passed on to us, I'll be sure to recommend you if I come across any mommies in need." R.&E.O. (mini-course)


"You have done a great job preparing us for labor! We'll see what comes to pass, but we definitely feel more confident and more empowered than before we started with you. Thank you for all your knowledge, insights and experience!" G&LC (full Bradley class)


"I did it - no drugs!! 8 hours of labor - J was born at 2:47 am. My parents did great - even mom held up! Breastfeeding has been a breeze. J gained 1 1/2 lbs. and grew 1 3/4 ins. in two weeks! We couldn't have done it so well without your class - Thank you!" S.S. (full Bradley class)


"Thank you for your knowledge and good advice you gave us for our birth experience. Without your class we wouldn't have had the confidence & assertiveness we needed. Also we really appreciate all the help you've given B and I with breastfeeding. It means a lot to us to be able to come to you for advice. Thank you again & have a Merry Christmas." J.&F.R. (full Bradley class)


"Felicia's class was the best thing we did for ourselves to prepare for birth and a newborn. She has so much knowledge and provides evidence to support what she says. I used her recommended methods for birthing and I know it's why I had a fast labor that went just as we desired. Thank you Felicia. Not only is she an excellent educator but she is dedicated and compassionate about her clients and the work she does. We are very grateful!" "P.S. I forgot to tell you that I ran into a labor and delivery nurse from CMH who after chatting with me said "oh my gosh are you the one that squatted during pushing?" and then thanked me for educating the nurses ;) the one who was with me was proud she let me on the bed I was on (I guess i wasn't allowed to) and I said: Thank Felicia Henry for teaching me! We are truly so grateful to have been taught by you. I wish all women had your class ;)" NG (full Bradley class)


"Thank you for all the helpful information. I appreciate you taking the time to teach such amazing information that helps prepare couples for birth." M.R. and "Thank you for the time and information you gave us. Thank you, too, for telling us your birth experiences. You rock!!!" C.S (weekend Bradley)


"We couldn't imagine finding someone more knowledgable about birth and babies. Fun classes too!" DNB (full Bradley class)


"[dad] & I don't know how to begin to thank you for the incredible birth experience you made possible.  What a miracle.  I am so in love with this little guy.  We are both so pleased with how everything went.  I felt so mentally & physically prepared.  Most of all, we apprecite you presence, support & coaching at our house & at the hospital.  I struggle to find words strong enough to express my gratitude.  We'll always be greateful."  P&CC (full Bradley class)


"Thank you again for your wonderful class. [Dad] and I felt so much more confident. You were truly a blessing to us." M.J.&C. (full Bradley class)


"Thank you so much for all the detailed information you gave us, I hope I will remember it all the day of. If for some reason questions arise I know who to call. Thanks again, take care and good luck. I think what you do helps many moms to be/get prepared." A.C. (private class)


"The reason I wanted to write to you earlier was to thank you for all that we learned in your class regarding the entire birth experience (from labor to delivery to breastfeeding)." K.A. (full Bradley class)


"Thank you very much for teaching me valuable lessons about birth and medical information. During my delivery the things I learned from you were very uselful." H.T. (full Bradley class)


[We] "both appreciate your coming out on Saturday; it was so nice and SO helpful. We've both read through a lot of the stuff you left with us, and we feel way better prepared. Thank you again." G.S. (private class)


"The classroom environment was comfortable and relaxed, but very professional and thoughtfully organized with reference materials and snacks. The course material flowed in logical sequence and the videos were well chosen to support the topics of discussion. A 5-10 minutes stretch break halfway thru class to provide students with opportunity to interact with one another would be helpful. Overall, this is a great course I would recommend to others. Thank you so much for the time and energy you dedicated to our childbirth class. It was a great experience for both of us and has left us much better prepared for the birth and baby to come. I'm thankful we found you. We'll keep in touch!" T.P. (full Bradley class)


"My labor & delivery went very smooth and overall a great experience. I attribute that to this class because I felt well prepared. After [baby] was born, I even turned to the doctor and said that I could easily have done this again! However, I did opt for an epidural but again I felt that I was well prepared for any option. A suggestion for the class would be to include infant CPR. I would highly recommend this class to any expectant parent." S.S. (full Bradley class)


"We enjoyed the class & learned a lot." H.L. (full Bradley class)


"Thank you! We learned more than we expected from your class. We really appreciate your straightforward answers to questions. You presented the material in a way that made sense to us novices. You were also very professional and organized. It was nice to work with someone who takes her business seriously." S.G.S (full Bradley class)


"Felicia was an excellent instructor. Before starting the class I was scared about the whole birth process. But, now we can't wait for the baby's birth day! Because we have confidence in her, we've asked Felicia to be the labor support while in the hospital. We look forward to our birth experience." R. & S.Q. (full Bradley class)


". . . our little 'bug' is the joy of our lives. Thanks for the class, we enjoyed it. You are good at your job." J.E. (full Bradley class)


"I really enjoyed taking the Bradley Method with Felicia Henry. She was a very well prepared & informative teacher. She really helped me to better understand all about labor, breastfeeding & child care. After taking her class I feel much more confident in becoming a mother. I would highly recommend her as a Bradley Method teacher to anyone." S.L. & J.G. (full Bradley class)


"Thank you very much for the information you provided us. It was very helpful. We were told we make a great team and luckily we had an excellent nurse." J.R. (full Bradley class)


"We enjoyed the class and information you presented. We wanted to be as prepared as possible for the arrival of our baby girl, and your class really helped to lessen the many fears of labor and delivery, while making us feel more empowered and educated about the whole situation. Thank you!" E.A./A.P. (full Bradley class)


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