Topics we will cover in the Bradley Method class & in the Mini-Course class


Full & Weekend Bradley Method Course


Each Bradley Method class will start with a 'Food of the Week' for nutrition tips. Every class has a specific topic which is covered in detail and will also include coaching tips and why staying active is important. While this is the planned class outline questions on any topic and discussions between students are always welcome and encouraged! Each class will also feature a labor rehearsal exercise and a video presentation - it is one of the most comprehensive & inclusive classes available. Years ago a Bradley Method class video had the OB talking how Bradley classes also cover the after, I took this to heart and added more infant care and breastfeeding education to my class series.  For those interested the Weekend Bradley class we will cover Class 1 through 5 on the first day and Class 6 through 10 on the second day, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The best optioMe pointing at birth chartn for the weekend Bradley is doing it over 2 weekends so you have more time to process the information and go over the information binder, I have found this works best for everyone, but can be done in one weekend if needed.


Class 1. Introduction to the Bradley Method and Nutrition in Pregnancy This class deals with the Bradley Method history, philosophy and goals, it is also a time to get to know each other. We will discuss good nutrition during pregnancy and since it is so important it's why we have a 'food of the week". You will get some information about a local CSA as a source for new, healthy foods to add to your diet. We will discuss breastfeeding and how your body is now starting the process of making milk, plus we start covering the 7 Natural Laws of Breastfeeding with Natural Law number 1.


Class 2. Pregnancy and the Coach's Role During this class we will consider the many changes your body goes through during pregnancy and how you can start now to help calm your baby after birth. We will go over some common pregnancy discomforts and how to alleviate them and you will also receive some product samples & information that may help you stay comfortable in pregnancy. We will go over the coach's role during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, and cover Natural Law number 2.


Me and my husband in classClass 3. Introduction to First Stage Labor We will cover the first stage of labor stressing our respect for the natural process and examine the built-in safeguards for you and your baby. We will discuss how to know your body is ready for labor if your doctor or midwife wants to talk about induction and Active Management of Labor. You will learn the basics of what the nurses are checking for when they do a vaginal exam. We will also go over some comfort techniques and start our practice of labor positions. Plus we will go over Natural Law number 3 of breastfeeding.


Class 4. Introduction to Second Stage Labor We will examine transition, the basic pushing techniques and what to talk to your doctor or midwife about for second stage. Third stage and the immediate postpartum period, for mom and baby, will also be talked about. We will practice some positions to push in and another labor position. Natural Law number 4 will be discussed and pushing with an epidural.


Class 5. Planning Your Birth We will debate the feelings each couple has about the choices for birth to come up with the perfect birth plan for each couple. We will discuss how a birth plan is way to tell the nurses a bit about your and your hopes for birth and how to make it realistic. Inductions , epidurals, fetal monitors and other birth technology will also be discussed and Natural Law number 5 of breastfeeding will be covered. We will also practice another great position for labor.Me showing a epidural kit


Class 6. Variations and Complications We will go over all the different ways a labor can go and the commom ways they can be handled. Cesarean surgery and the reasons why it may become necessary are discussed along with how to still have a family centered birth when life changes your plan. FTP, CPD, IUGR, AROM, mec, breech - all those Me holding a pelvis model.terms you can't figure out will also be covered and don't forget about Natural Law number 6 and another great labor position.


Class 7. Postpartum Preparation and Advanced First Stage Techniques This class will cover how to take care of yourself after you give birth and the big changes that brings. I have some samples and information of the new postpartum products help get your body back so you can find the one that works best for you. We will also learn techniques for a more challenging first stage of labor and another position to labor in will be practiced. Also the last of the 7 Natural Laws of Breastfeeding will be discussed.


Class 8. Advanced Second Stage Techniques In this class we will have a 30 minute labor rehearsal bringing together everything we learned in the previous classes going from station to station. We will then cover the basics of breastfeeding and you can also have any breast pump questions answered, plus I have many demo pumps available. If you have an older pump you can get it's suction levels checked because it may seem like it's working but slowly loosing suction, which can lower your milk supply. You will get some breast pad samples and see the different types of nursing pillows available.

 Me holding a baby doll.

Class 9. Being a Great Coach and Are You Ready? We will learn about your new baby and the normal adjustments to life as a new family. We will also cover baby care such as diapering and bathing. I have many varieties of cloth diapers for you to check out and some of the Me holding baby clothesdifferent disposable diapers as samples, we can even practice diapering.


Class 10. Preparing for Your New Family This class will be a review of information from the previous classes and some baby calming techniques. We will cover swaddling with some of the various items available and breifly go over Harvey Karp's 5 S's of baby calming. How to tell colic from normal newborn crying (they cry more than you think!) also called P.U.R.P.L.E. crying and baby wearing. I have many types of baby carriers for parents to take a look at to find the one that works best for them.

 Me showing how to diaper

Mini-Course Classes


This course is designed to cover the basic information needed to prepare you for birth and parenthood and to be scheduled to accommodate any time frame. You can set them up as 4 separate classes on different days, as 2 classes a day or combine them into a one day class - however it fits into your life, or just take 1 or 2 that interest you. They are a separate course from the Bradley Method class and do not cover any Bradley philosophy, for that take the full Bradley Method class or the Bradley weekend course. When all four are done in one day the usual time table is 9:00 am to 11:00 am Class 1, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Class 2, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm lunch break, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Class 3, and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Class 4. If you don't want to take all 4 Mini-Course classes the day is shortened. If you want to space them out on different days we arrange them for the time that fits your schedule best. You will receive a bag of all of the samples and information that you would get in the full Bradley class, plus a folder of information specific to each Mini-Course class.


Class 1. Techno Birth: Inductions, Epidurals, and C-sections We will discuss why inductions are done and how they differ from a 'natural' labor. The questions to ask before you schedule an induction and how to make it the best experience possible. The risks and benefits of epidurals will be considered along with other medication options and what to expect from a cesarean. You will also get some great tips on healing after surgery. Great if you are having a scheduled cesarean, know you are going to be induced or just want to be prepared if you don't start labor on your own! I do have some videos showing births with induction, epidural & cesarean and an instructional video showing these procedures for those who wish to watch them.

 Showing my classroom

Class 2. Labor & Delivery Coping Techniques This class covers the basics of labor and delivery and knowing true labor from false labor. We will cover all 3 stages of labor and even prodromal labor and ways to cope without pain medication. We will practice some laboring positions and coaching techniques. There will be a brief overview of labor plans and postpartum healing. There are also some videos showing natural births we can view for those interested - make sure you have your questions ready.


Class 3. Breastfeeding and Baby Care Basics This is a great class for someone who just wants breastfeeding and baby information without doing a whole childbirth class. You will learn how to get a good start breastfeeding and how to know when to get help will be covered and this is also a great class for moms who had trouble nursing a previous child. We will learn the basics of baby behaviour and some calming techniques, plus bathing and changing (both cloth and disposable diapers will be covered). We will go over the Seven Natural Laws of Breastfeeding and help explain why babies act the way they do.  The ACA is supposed to cover prenatal breastfeeding education, so your receipt can be used to get this class reimbursed or if you are on Aetna insurance I am a preferred provider which will cover the cost of this class.


Class 4. Working, Pumping and Breastfeeding We will talk about picking the breast pump that best suits your needs and I have a few brands of pumps that you can see and touch. You will learn how to use it properly, cleaning tips, milk storage and get the milk to your baby. A plus for any mother who plans to go back to work after giving birth and wonders if she can still provide milk for her baby. Also a wonderful class for those who plan to pump and bottle feed their milk to their baby (exclusive pumping mothers) which is harder then it sounds, but you can learn how to make it work. We will also see some different bottles.  The ACA will also cover this class as well, either through reimbursement or through Aetna health insurance.


Refresher, Private & Bed Rest Classes


These childbirth classes have no preset outline. These classes are geared to what topic each individual wishes to discuss. If a couple was already part of the full class when bedrest was ordered, the class will be continued at your home. I will come to your home a few times to finish the class, drop of some birth videos and help answer your questions. If you want to schedule a private class or a refresher class (for those couples who have taken a childbirth class before) - just go over the class topics and pick which items you wish to cover. For couples who have taken a class before, we can cover anything you felt was 'missed' from before or your previous birth. The minimum for a private class is 2 to 3 two hour sessions - so you can plan your own outline and topics, a class made just for you!


Now that you see everything that is covered (and whatever else you need covered is welcomed to be discussed) contact me today to find out how to be a part of these in-depth childbirth classes. You'll get not just birthing classes but parenting classes since I cover breastfeeding and baby care. The mini course of childbirth education classes, while quick, is geared to your needs and questions so a lot is covered in a short time frame. They will put you on the path to an empowering birth experience and help ease your transition to parenthood since all labor and delivery nurses want expectant couples to get some childbirth education before their birth.