Class Schedule for Felicia Henry, BCCE, IBCLC

Full Bradley Class Schedule


Wednesday February 17th to April 20th - new class just added contact me to join!

Tuesday March 15th to May 17th

Wednesday April 20th to June 15th

Tuesday May 24th to July 26th

Wednesday June 22nd to August 10th


We meet once a week starting on the first listed date and ending on the last listed date from 7 to 9 pm. This schedule allows for no class on major holidays, we can also make any changes during the series as needed, contact me to verify class dates. You can also join a class already in session and finish with the following class if this better suits your needs for class night. A popular option is the full series as a weekend class - contact me for more information since they are scheduled for your due date.


Other Classes


Mini-Class 3 March 18th 6:00 pm

Mini-Class 4 March 25th 6:00 pm


All mini-course, refresher, weekend Bradley, private and home study for bedrest moms classes are scheduled to individual student needs. The mini-course, refresher and private classes can be done as a one day childbirth class. Weekend and mini-courses are perfect for busy parents-to-be - they can be scheduled around your work schedule and/or childcare needs. Just because a date that works for you isn't listed doesn't mean it's not available, contact me for a class to suit your needs! The mini-course and weekend Bradley work best in my home classroom the other classes can be scheduled at your home if it suits your needs, especially for moms on bedrest. All the information you need on a shorter time frame.


Free Seminars at Babies R Us



Come on out to the Babies R Us in Oxnard at 2340 N Rose Avenue and check out their free seminars.  I will be teaching one every other month or so and you are welcome to join us and see if you like my teaching style with no strings attached.  Call 805-988-5951 to sign up.

 Picture of various classroom posters

Contact me today to start your journey to a more satisfying and empowering birth experience. Since I work from home lactation, breast pump consultants and extra part pick-ups are by appointment only (even weekends and holidays). Since babies don't read calendars I am available 365 days a year for lactation consults and childbirth education can be scheduled to meet any holiday schedule.


After the Class


I love seeing the new babies and happy families. I have a 'baby board' in my classroom for any pictures and/or birth announcements that you send me - I love adding new photos. It has been a while since I've been able to schedule a reunion - anyone who wants to get together after you've given birth, let me know. I will contact the other students and we can meet at my place to see how everyone is doing!

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