The Training and Certifications I have acquired that will help give you the knowledge & confidence for your birth & breastfeeding journey.



When I was pregnant with my first child my husband and I took a childbirth education class but we still felt very unprepared for birth and parenthood. We were lucky that I had a short labor and was able to have few interventions and no medication when our son Justin was born in October 1988 - but I still felt like there was more we could have known for the birth and postpartum. When we were expecting our second child I wanted to take a Bradley class, but later discovered our teacher was not affiliated with the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth. While we were more prepared for Amanda's un-medicated birth in December of 1991, we still felt something was missing. Since I always had a strong interest in pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, I decided to become a Bradley Certified Childbirth Educator. I am currently affiliated with the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth (AAHCC, the Bradley Method So I can teach expectant parents what I wished I had known before my first two births. During this time, I also became a La Leche League Leader to help mothers with their breastfeeding problems and questions. Shortly after being certified, I began selling breast pumps and then added pump rentals.


Five years of teaching childbirth classes enabled me to finally convince my husband about the safety of home birth. Our son Jacob was born in January of 1997 at home and was quickly followed by our last son Joseph in February of 1999. Teaching while also being pregnant was a great experience for me. It had been so long since my wonderful husband, Bruce, had been in a childbirth class that he decided to sit in the last class series before our son Jacob was born as a refresher. He was amazed by the amount of information that I covered that we never learned in either of our 2 previous childbirth classes combined. I really have an all inclusive class covering childbirth, Felicia holding babybreastfeeding and baby care. I have enjoyed my birth experiences & I feel that each woman needs to choose the birth she wants. I give truthful, balanced information and understand that many women want to use medication and I fully support their choices. Birth and parenting are hard enough without someone forcing their opinions on you and I hope that when class is over, you have little idea of what my opinions are but yours are clear in your mind.


After Jacob's birth I began doula training, Joseph's birth soon followed so I was never able to complete the required births and paper work to be certified as a DONA Labor Doula. I used to offer labor support to my childbirth students. Since I do day care for a family member I cannot really offer doula services since I spend my days with three young children and I have no back-up care, but I do miss it. After Joseph's birth I began the necessary education and documentation to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC, RLC) and acquired that certification in 2005. As an IBCLC we are required to re-certify every 5 years and I re-certificationed in 2010. All of my Bradley students have a lactation consult included in the class fee, for other students lactation consulting fees will be a separate charge.


I have spent many years teaching childbirth classes and helping mothers with breastfeeding problems & I still enjoy this work and hope to keep learning. I feel this is a special time in a family's life - the childbearing year - and I love helping parents make that transition to parenthood. I have been doing this work since 1994 and if I don't know the answers I know where to find them. Since I love this work so much I was a volunter at the Tenderlife Maternity home as their teacher and I still feel the same excitement when a new class is about to start as I did with my first class. The more that is discovered about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding the more we find that the body works and knows what it is doing and the best ways to use the technology we have.


With the passing of the ACA I have started working with insurance.  I have registered and now I am a Preferred Provider for Aetna health insurance - this means prenatal lactation education & lactation consultations will be covered.  There will be no out of pocket cost for breastfeeding education & 6 consultations.  If you do not have Aetna insurance my receipts now have the codes and information needed for reimbursement from your insurance.  I am excited about helping parents-to-be and new parents get the education & help they need in a new way.


So you can take advantage of my years of training and experience by contacting me to join my in-depth childbirth classes that will be geared to your needs and will help ease your transition to parenthood. You have the option of the full Bradley Method course, a weekend Bradley method course, the quick, mini course of birthing classes (done in one day or over a few weeks), or a private childbirth class. If you need lactation help, we can schedule an appointment, ususally in a day or two. Let me help you have the birth you want.