Google-ing childbirth with your smartphone on the way to the hospital during labor is probably a little late.  Why not take a childbirth class.  My childbirth class will prepare you and your partner for labor and how to navigate the sometimes confusing medical establishment.  I offer many different avenues to meet your needs, because I do understand the difficulties finding something to fit your schedule.  Just check my calendar page for a class ending a couple of weeks or more before your due date or you have the option of a weekend, one day, or private at home class that fits your life with prices ranging from $40 to $175.  I am also an IBCLC and can provide in depth lactation education & support & being an Aetna preferred provider the lactation part of the class fee & up to 6 lactation consults will be covered by insurance.  To have an empowering birth and/or breastfeeding experience contact me today.


Professional Childbirth Education and Lactation Consultations being offered by Felicia L Henry, Bradley Certified Childbirth Educator (AAHCC, BCCE) & International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC, RLC)

Discover the Power of Knowledge for Birth - weekend & one day classes available

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Why Childbirth Classes Are Still Useful

With birth becoming medicalized it is to your advantage, more than it ever has been, to take a good, in-depth class. There are many research studies showing the benefit of taking classes with all of the technology that is being used today. Since giving birth is such a life changing event, every pregnant woman, especially the older mom, should take a well rounded childbirth class. Another trend that is making childbirth classes even more important is that more hospitals are getting rid of their maternity units, so this means that doctors and nurses have less time for bedside tutorials because they have patients that would have been at another hospital in addition to their regular patient load. Less staff to coach patients through labor makes labor more difficult for uneducated parents-to-be, something that also upsets hospital staff as well - they wish they had the time for parent education. Even taking my one day mini-course childbirth class or weekend Bradley course will be a great benefit. If either partner has an erratic work or school schedule the weekend or one day class is a big bonus - or make your own schedule with a private, in-home class. I pride myself on finding a way to make childbirth classes suit your needs.

While your doctor or midwife will assure you that you can have the delivery you want, labor can bring many surprises which requires you to make decisions, this is where you will reap the benefits of taking a childbirth class suited to your individual needs. The popularity of epidurals has lead many expectant moms to think they don't need a childbirth class. Epidurals are promoted as a risk-free way of avoiding the pain of childbirth, but they do have risks and you need to manage a lot of pain before they're given. Since many women are also planning their cesarean surgeries they feel no need to study up on the natural way to birth. Both of these choices mean you still need good information in your hands before you enter the hospital - especially if your pregnancy becomes labeled as high-risk, such as you are expecting multiples or are an older first time mom. One of the best ways of curbing the high rate of cesareans is a good understanding of labor and it's variability so you can make the best decisions for you, your baby and your family with your doctor or midwife.


What my Childbirth Class Covers

I focus on building your confidence by teaching you about the normal course of labor, how it varies and your birth options to help you make informed decisions so you can have a more satisfying labor and delivery. We will practice many labor positions and comfort techniques throughout the class series - even how to use a rebozo. If a totally natural birth isn't for you, I also cover all pain medication options and how to find what will work best for you, I can tailor my class for your needs. We will also learn the best ways to get breastfeeding off to a good start and basic baby care.

The 10 week course* covers pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding and baby care. Classes are on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings from 7 - 9 pm. The full Bradley Method class fee covers the mom & coach (or coaches) for the series which includes the Student Workbook & loaner Student Binder of information. A lactation consult is included in the fee - even in the weekend Bradley course. Credit cards & payment plans can also be arranged.

My quick, shortened Mini-Course (which doesn't cover any Bradley philosophy) will cover just what you need to know until you can get the epidural, how to handle the risks and the best way to handle labor and giving birth with an epidural in place. This class will also teach you what you need to know about your choices for your cesarean and what you need to know about the recovery. This will prevent you from the regret that happens when you go into childbirth blindly, since labor is not a time to learn the ropes or make major decisions. They are a quick way to get a class in around busy work and family schedules.


When Should You & Your Coach Sign Up for Classes

Ideally the class should end at least 2 weeks before your due date, but even a class ending after your due date is of great benefit. Mothers of multiples should enter a class ending around 4 weeks before their due date. The added benefit of being well informed can help a mother of multiples deliver close to term. These classes aren't just birthing classes, but also parenting classes since breastfeeding and basic baby care is also covered. I also try to keep my class small so everyone has a chance to get all their questions answered - so signing up early to reserve your spot is also important. You can also join a class already in progress and take the classes you miss with the next session.


Other Options for Classes That I Offer

An option I am offering is a Mini-Course of the most requested information. Each class is 1 to 3 hours of instruction (whatever is needed to get the questions you want answered) - and can be on a weeknight starting at 6:00 pm or a weekend afternoon. The meeting times are variable for couples with no regular night to devote to class and/or a late start. The 4 classes offered are: Class 1 Techno Birth - Induction, Epidurals & C-section; Class 2 Labor & Delivery Coping Techniques; Class 3 Breastfeeding & Baby Care Basics; and Class 4 Working, Pumping & Breastfeeding. They can be taken individually or as a set of 4 classes and does not include a lactation consult as part of the class fee, but Class 3 & 4 can be billed to insurance as prenatal breastfeeding education. The Mini-Course can be done all in one day if you prefer. While very informative, the mini-course is not a Bradley class and doesn't go over Bradley philosophy, it is just a basic, need to know, type of class. If you want a Bradley Method class but don't have time for 10 weeks of class you can take the Bradley weekend class, both the weekend Bradley & Mini-Course are great options if you want to do less driving because of higher gas prices or distance. You also have the option if you miss the start of a class series you can still join the class at any time and continue until your due date - continuing with the next class that starts. I also offer a Refresher Class for couples who have taken a childbirth class before and home study for enrolled students who end up on bedrest. Another option is a private class - these can be in your home or in my classroom and can be done on a pay as you go basis. These classes do not include the Bradley Student Workbook, the exception is for a mom who was enrolled in the full Bradley course before bedrest was ordered. Check out my calendar page to see if there are any weekend, Mini, or private classes (in my classroom) you would like to join, if not contact me to make your own class.


Lactation Consultant Services that I Offer

I offer one-on-one help for breastfeeding problems including latching problems, sore nipples, low milk supply, combining working and breastfeeding, even exclusive pumping. I just recertified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and I have many years of experience working with babies of all ages. We can arrange a home or office visit and home visits in Ventura, Oxnard and Camarillo are the same price, for home visits in other cities there will be an travel fee. I also have a full line of breast pumps, speciality feeding devices, spare parts for Medela and Ameda breast pumps (both single user and hospital grade rental) available.  Check out my Square Marketplace to see what I have in stock (if you don't see something you need, message me I probably have it).  Since I have experience with babies from birth to natural weaning, no matter what age your nursling, I can help make your nursing experience better. I can also do regular weight checks and pre and post feed weights. You don't have to be one of my childbirth education students to receive lactation consultation services, contact me to arrange an appointment for any breastfeeding problems or questions you may have.  If you have Aetna insurance prenatal breastfeeding education, 6 lactation consults & any breastfeeding supplies or pumps are covered since I am a preferred provider.


To have an Empowering Birth Experience

Sign up for any of my classes that interest you. Check the calendar page for the current schedule for the full Bradley Method class then message me your name and due date to join the class the suits your needs. If you prefer a shortened, quick childbirth class you can take the any of the mini course classes, a weekend Bradley class, or a private course, just contact to schedule your class date and take the first steps to have the birth you want. If you see any of the other classes listed on the calendar page you are welcome to join them. I accept cash, checks, credit cards and google wallet for payment, if you have Aetna insurance I am a preferred provider for lactation services & prenatal breastfeeding education.


* Bradley is normally a 12 week course, I shortened my series to 10 weeks. All the information that would normally be covered in the first four classes we cover in the first 2 classes.


Contact Felicia L Henry, BCCE, IBCLC for iMessage put my e-mail in your contacts.